• My Roles and Responsibilities

    Training is a very important part of the SSSVV program. Hundreds of content authors have put in a lot of thought and created content for teachers to use. They have planned every minute detail of the teaching/learning experience. On the other side of the story, are lakhs of rural school teachers who are struggling with their classroom challenges and getting burnt out. The trainer's role is to introduce these teachers to the SSSVV MLP that has the potential to completely change the classroom experience. The trainer has to convince the reluctant teacher to try something new, to ensure that they have all the support they need, and to reassure them that this will not add to their workload.

    Many of you have done multiple training sessions both in-person (pre-pandemic) and online since 2020. Kindly share your thoughts on these roles and responsibilities. This would help us build a robust training program for future trainers as our team is expanding rapidly to meet the demands of the exponential growth in the number of schools supported by SSSVV.