Empower your teachers

Empower your teachers

by Parimalam Viswanath -
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A Loving SaiRam

We are from Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vahini.  Our goal is to empower your teachers, by providing them with necessary learning aids - Learning Aids that adhere to the syllabus as needed by the Government, but enables your teachers to help your children have an Insightful, Inspiring, Enjoyable and Participative experience as well in this journey. 

Your teachers are already equipped with the knowledge and skills to guide your children.  We would be providing additional tools and support system that can relieve stress and make them more confident in what they do.

We provide learning aids that help children learn not just from classroom, but a well rounded environment.  We provide materials and ideas to involve all the places that a child can get inspiration from - Classroom, Corridor, Campus and community.

Thanks for your time.